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We are together in being unique


Travelheart Family operates on the principle that we create trips we would take ourselves

We stand together

At Travelheart Family, we stand together across our companies and share a common goal of creating great travel experiences for our guests. Together, we are stronger, and together, we can achieve more.

We support each other

In Travelheart Family, we are colleagues first and foremost, regardless of which brand logo adorns the uniform. This means that we support each other, both when we are behind the desk and when we are out at travel destinations. In this way, we create a great experience all the way around - for our employees, our partners, and, most importantly, for our guests.

Every brand is unique

Our 15 individual brands each have their unique identity and expertise. We are something very special in our own right, but fundamentally, we all share a common set of values. It is these values that create the foundation for Travelheart Family.

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Together we can achieve more

We now consist of 15 individual travel organizers working closely together as a family to create the best travel experiences for our guests.

We call our little family Travelheart Family. All our travel organizers have one thing in common - we work with travel and experiences. Although each brand is unique, they all belong to the same family, sharing the same core values.

Whether the journey takes you to sunny Spain, a visit to the pyramids in Egypt, skiing down the slopes in Austria, or something completely different, Travelheart Family is ready to plan trips that we would love to take ourselves.


Heart Hotels

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